Sina Darou Laboratories Company

Sina Darou Laboratories Company (EX-DOPAR) was established in 1962 in Tehran and engaged mostly in pharmaceutical preparation under license of French P.O.S Company. The company was soon expanded in size and activities.
Our specialized departments produce pharmaceutical dosage forms comprising sterile and non-sterile semi solids and liquids such as Ophthalmic, Nasal and Ear Drops- Ophthalmic and Topical Ointments- Sterile eye solutions- Injections- Gels- Topical and Vaginal Creams- Lotions- Topical, Inhalation and Nasal Sprays.

Sina Darou Laboratories Company

Sina Darou Laboratories Company

Sina Darou laboratories by their social-committing as an innovative company in ophthalmic market start to establish the new department for mono dose ophthalmic drop. Total Investment which is spent for this project is more than 60 billion Rails. The state of the art Clean rooms according to the Current-GMP and European standards constructed for this department. This kind of products is preservative free; therefore makes lots of...

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