Company Profile

Sina Darou Laboratories Company (EX-DOPAR) was established in 1962 in Tehran and engaged mostly in pharmaceutical preparation under license of French P.O.S Company. The company was soon expanded in size and activities.
Sina Darou is located in the North of Makhsoos Karadj Road, 15 Km. Tehran. Total area of factory is 41000 square meters, with 2000 square meters of buildings .The Company is public joint stock (stock exchange quoted) with the registered capital of 52’266’000’000 Rials .The main share holder of the company is Kharazmi Investment Company. The other major share holders are Meli Iran, Saba Tamin, Kart Iran and Payapay Meli at Investment Companies.
Commencing in 1980, Sina Darou’s preparations were produced in generic names. Over the last decade, production capacities of Sina Darou have been increased with expansion of productions areas and simultaneous growth in the number of employees.
Sina Darou the leading manufacturer of sterile ophthalmic preparations and the  producer of inhalation aerosols is rightly recognized as specialist in these fields in Iran. The Company has close contacts with Iranian Medical Universities and Academies and also European pharmaceutical manufacturers to improve knowledge and develop new programs.
The current portfolio is focused on the following therapeutic categories:
Antibiotics, Corticosteroids, Anesthetics, Antiglaucomas, Miotics, Muscle relaxants, Bronchodilators, Antitussive, Analgesics, and Antihistaminic preparations.
 Our specialized departments produce pharmaceutical dosage forms comprising sterile and non-sterile semi solids and liquids such as Ophthalmic Drops, Ointments  and Irrigation solutions, Injections, Gels, Creams, Ointments, Lotions, Syrups, Topical  Sprays, Inhalation Aerosols, and Hygienic preparations.
  Sina Darou is equipped with the most modern analytical instruments. The building constructions, installation of the machinery and operation of the plant are done according to “WHO” and “GMP” guidelines. Production activities and product formulas are updated upon the latest international pharmacopoeias and meet the regulations and specifications set by the Ministry of Health.
  Quality Control Department with scientific staff and modern equipment, serves to control incoming raw and packaging materials, manufacturing processes and finished products, to assure that total quality has been built into preparations. This comprehensive assurance system has been performed in the entire system. The Company has obtained ISO 9001 certificate for its quality management system since 2001.
  Research and Development Department has enabled the Company to register and introduce new formulations to meet the market needs, in order to     enhance the health care standards. Our R&D activities have been rationalized, concentrating our resources in strategic therapeutic areas, particularly in respiratory segment.
   Furthermore Marketing Department presents the products to foreign markets to achieve international reputation and attain an adequate share of attention from regulatory authorities and health care payers.
  We believe focusing on targeted therapeutic areas where we have expert scientific staff, represents the right way to succeed. Careful selection of our staff is combined with continued communication and updating of skills to maximize the team efforts. We are confident that ongoing efforts to improve the Company culture and organization will help us meet our ambitious goals.    

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